90 Day Challenge – Week 6 “The Dirty Cheater”

Well, as you can see by the title this week…I was a dirty little cheater. It’s good to air this stuff and get it off your chest! To cut a long story short, I cheated on Valentines day with the love of my life so who really cares eh? I felt bad for Jenny. She shouldn’t have to get punished for my plan so we had pizza for dinner and a film night with a couple of drinks (and I had some chocolate, a cup of tea, a biscuit and some fudge, if you’re going to cheat, do it properly!). This was the only time I have cheated so, now you know, and I am not living a lie anymore haha!  I shall continue with the blog for the rest of the days!

Monday was not a good day in my opinion. The flare up was getting progressively worse. I had been feeling pretty tired all day and with leg day on the Saturday and football on the Friday, the last thing I wanted to be doing was sprints! Luckily, due to the way I have structured my four training days, it meant that I got another day of rest on the Tuesday. The sprints were fine, just moderate pain in my left shin but I could cope with the 14 sprints. I have started increasing the speed again, now hitting 20kPH. Biceps and Triceps GVT was on the cards, and I’ll level with you…its amazing! I love the pump! My arms look decent for about 30 minutes after! Mix that look with the steam room and you get a lot of satisfaction from your “looking like a dickhead” moments!

Tuesday, the rest day and the dirty cheater day. It was Valentines day and I felt that I had to give Jenny a night off from listening to my boring stories of sport and food. To be fair though, I think Jenny did alright out of Valentines day this year, well I hope she enjoyed it! She awoke to a bunch of roses, chocolates, a nice card and an expensive bottle of wine…can’t be too bad! And I broke my plan…true love! You don’t need to hear anymore about Valentines day…

Wednesday morning was horrendous. My body full on rejected the food I had the night before. I felt hungover! I had two little cider stubbies and a lot of pizza. I felt sluggish, my stomach felt bloated and I didn’t feel like I had slept! Top tip people…cheating isn’t as good as you think! The training session followed suit from my food hangover and was terrible. I completed the whole lot (sprints with chest and back GVT) but the enjoyment wasn’t there! I felt like I was going to be sick the whole time and the pain throughout my abdomen was horrific. At one point I felt like my condition was really kicking in. I had to compose myself and get back to it. In all honesty, this plan has made me feel more like me and more productive in general but I very much doubt that I will revert back to the old me after that feeling on Wednesday!

Thursday; tired, demotivated, pain. That’s the day in general. My stomach is constantly bloated and my intestines are making lots of noises with toilet breaks are becoming more frequent. The blood is back along with mucus. Sorry you don’t want to know that but I have to be honest so now you know, I don’t have to mention it again! The training is doable but it becomes a lot more difficult to get to the gym. When I finish work I have to keep moving and get straight back out otherwise I will fall asleep. It is horrendous.

The whole day on Friday I felt tired and didn’t want to do anything. The pain was getting much worse, in fact, it got to a point where I nearly bailed out of football. I think that would of been wise actually, considering my legs were hanging and I passed out when I got home and didn’t wake up until the dog came in from his creche! Generally the disease is kicking in to a point where its getting difficult to motivate myself to get in the gym or do anything productive. The other problem is how busy the gym appears to have gotten recently. Its not easy to get in and use the machines I need.

The blog is short this week, probably because I felt the need to air my guilt. The biggest problem at the moment is the tiredness. I am still moving in the right direction. The bloating is terrible, the toilet breaks are an annoyance and I know which way this is going…its only going to get worse. I am on week 6 going in to week 7 so I am half way through! I hope I can finish it…scratch that, I will finish it, even if I can’t do all the physical activity but something major would have to stop me!

Have a good week team!



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