90 Day Challenge – Week 1 Complete

Well, that was a shock to the system!

In summary, the first week consisted of starving, eating stuff I didn’t like, sweating like a pig, being grumpy and my first taste of talking to a maniac…however, I have noticed a change in my body! I’m still fat, however, I think this last week has really shocked my body into burning up all of my carb stores and now turning its focus on to my fat stores.

I have now discovered a food which aggravates my IBD, spinach! Popeye lies, it doesn’t make you powerful, it makes me poorly! The pain within 2 hours of eating it is similar to the pain you might feel whilst being stabbed in the abdomen by a commando dagger! Its bloody awful!

Starting on Monday, the prospect of having to do a plan was exciting and daunting; exciting because I got to eat lots of different varieties of food and train doing different things but daunting because I had started this blog and knew I couldn’t quit! The first meal was eggs spinach, feta and tomatoes, sounds nice doesn’t it? Well, I bought the wrong variety of spinach, I bought the tough big leaf variety which essentially ruined the whole meal! I was gagging trying to eat it but this is due to another reason…how much the plan tells you to take! I will follow this on later in the blog. The exercise on Monday night was interesting. I looked like a nutcase but to be fair, I didn’t care because I actually felt like I was beasting it! I did the treadmill HIIT. This is essentially setting the treadmill to a sprinting speed (17kPH), running flat out for 30 seconds and resting for 30 seconds this happened continuously for 20 minutes. It was horrendous by the 15th minute but once you had finished, it felt amazing. Then the not so amazing; I tend to go in the steam room after a gym session but the plan tells you to take protein within 3o minutes of exercise, including 1 vitamin C tablet and an omega 3 capsule. One word of advice…people who go in the changing rooms and starting mixing protein shakes together look like douchbags! I hate it, I would much rather go home and make one rather than strutting around the male changing rooms, shaking the protein up like some sort of hotshot…picture it, a fat person sweating profusely whilst shaking a protein shake…hardly a picture of health! Anyway, I went home after a cheeky steam room and ate a steak! Not a bad way to end the phys session, and a Monday!

…I have a confession, on Sunday night after I wrote my blog I decided to have a blow out…go big or go home principle! I had a chicken kebab and a pepperoni pizza. It was amazing…looking back now, it was the best meal I have ever had.

Tuesday, the first “Up and at ’em” morning exercise, one word ‘horrendous’! I was up at 5 and got the laptop on to do a full body work out. It was exciting to feel the benefits of a morning exercise, as that’s what all the gym bosuns seem to say, however, within 15 minutes of waking up, breathing heavily, sweating heavily I was struggling to see the enjoyment, especially considering the breakfast sounded OK but not very filling. The breakfast actually was a pleasant surprise! A build up bagel; beef, turkey, tomatoes and cottage cheese first thing is ace! However, it did not fill me up very much and by 10 I was fantasising about food and praying for my first snack. Then came the disappointing lunch…a tuna salad, which didn’t fill me up at all and left me starving again for the rest of the day! Tuesday in my memory was basically a starve day! It was painful, but at least I got an extra hour in bed on the Wednesday…small wins? Not sure!

Wednesday morning…massive bags under my eyes, felt weak, felt tired but strangely, not massively hungry. This I think is because I was lacking sugar, two days without any refined sugars starts to hit you like heroin addict. I was flagging big time, I was in a foul mood all day and was not looking forward to the training session planned in for later that day. The food started making me happy though. The Beef and Chicken sausage casserole is a life saver, tastes healthy, looks healthy, is healthy and fills you up. The HIIT session for the day was a rowing circuit; again, max out reps as fast as you can for 30 seconds and rest(ish) for 30 seconds. The rowing machine was rubbish, if you slowed down to take a drink, the display switched off and ruined your rhythm. I didn’t think it got my heart rate up enough so I jumped on to the treat mill for ten minutes and did my 30 on, 30 off for 10 minutes to make sure I was suitably puffing!

Thursday morning, and getting up was difficult but the exercise was enjoyable! Another full body HIIT circuit for 30 minutes and I was feeling good, especially since the night before had taken its toll on my muscles and they were aching. More exercise woke them up and stretched them back out. One thing I am learning to enjoy is the getting up early and being wide awake as my wife is dragging herself out of bed. It makes me feel productive, even though by the end of work I will feel 20 times worst than her! The food is edible but not that good; most of the time it feels more like a function to heal my body rather than something to sit and relish. This I hope I can sort next week!

Friday, I was hoping to be playing football however, Leigh text to say that Springwood Leisure has wrongly taken our spot! Fuming, this means that rather than enjoying a big football work out I will be hanging out at the gym again! This work out definitely gave me the blues and the one cheery factor was the build up bagel at the end of it! Jenny was being her usual supportive self by smashing in the chocolate in front of me, which to be honest is getting easier to go without, but its early days!

The weekend has been relaxing in terms of no exercise, just dog walking, but the food is very boring. Low calorie meals are missing something, its almost as though they don’t have a soul…its something that you can’t really explain, but they’re just not as good as a normal meal! I did however end up having a chicken and cashew nut curry for my sunday breakfast (laziness dictated this). It turns out that it is possible to be a slob even on a diet as Jenny observed!

Points that I have noticed this week;

*I am really forgetful, I got to the gym and realised I didn’t have my trainers (no excuses, I had to drive back home and get them) I also forgot my headphones, again, I had to drive home and get them…this I think was due to losing concentration all day. I have never done that amount of forgetful things before leaving the house.

*The amount things weigh is ridiculous; a 105g portion of spinach is absolutely massive and a 55g of berries is tiny! Basically the nicer the food, the lower the amount! Awful!

*HIIT circuits make you look like a tit in the gym.

*People love trying to make you fail or when you explain why you are doing this, people have the same symptoms as you and don’t see why I’m doing this…rule one, unless you actually have the same disease, you don’t understand why. Rule two, don’t sit there eating a massive bacon cob detailing what you could or could not live without, this is a challenge for me… not someone who is currently operating fully!

*11 more weeks of this sounds awful!

Hope you are enjoying this blog, apologies for the lacklustre blog this evening! Keep following…I promise it will get better!!!

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